Lately: On Specialists and Therapies

The other day, a neuromotor researcher asked me to send her a list of all the therapies we are doing as well as the specialists we regularly see.  With all the traveling we did and changes Solly went through in the last year, this seemingly simple request was not so simple! After our year of change, in my mind, we really pared down the number of therapies Solly did each week, but our schedule is still pretty full. The biggest difference is that we have more therapies that are fun for Sol and fewer that require him to sit still in a chair.

After racking my brain, here is the list that I sent her:


Hippotherapy – twice a week, once with a PT and once with an OT
Aquatic Therapy – PT
Speech Therapy
Feeding Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Every 6 – 8  weeks:
ABM Lessons

Intensive PT.

Starting in June 2017, we dropped regular PT in favor of the intensive model. We’ve done therasuit therapy twice and are gearing up to do 3 weeks of neurosuit and Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME) in March. We’ve got another week of therasuit on the books for June and are tentatively heading to Virginia Tech for another month-long intensive some time this Fall.

We are currently undergoing our second round of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Pediatric Neurologist
Developmental Optometrist
Pediatric Orthopedic
We are currently on the hunt for a new Developmental Pediatrician and/or physical medicine doctor, and I’d also love to find a good massage therapist.

I know this probably still seems like a lot, but by switching out the more traditional therapies in favor of fun ones (ponies and swimming!) and making sure that we still have weekly plans for non-therapy fun (Nashville Dolphins, hiking, trips to the park, zoo, and library), our appointments and outings no longer feel like a chore. Plus, we’re finding that Solly is making more gains when he thinks that we’re just playing all day long.
My hope is to continue to substitute typical therapy sessions with more typical kid activities as we find what motivates Solly, but for now, we certainly seem to be in a great place with our therapy!

Ponies are fun, especially on Valentine’s Day!

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