Living in the Past

I try not to be a dweller. I like to live life looking forward, basking in positivity and finding the good in any situation. Anything that has happened occurred simply to mold me into the person I am today, so there’s no reason to have regrets and worries about the past.

This tends to be my attitude towards any event, except for the day of Solly’s birth. Even three years later, thinking back on that day and the following month in the NICU puts a wrench in my stomach and tears at my heart. It’s hard to revisit that time. I can’t even look at the blog posts I wrote while we were in the NICU. I just can’t. Not yet.

SollySmileHowever, when my sweet friend, Laura, asked me to share Solly’s story as an Inspirational Kid for her website Paisley’s Purpose, I knew I had to man up and revisit that time. Even if it could give solace to just one other Mama following a similar path, it would be worth it. So, in just over 1,000 words, I revisited those hard first days in our journey with Solly. The post goes into a little more depth than I’ve ever written about that day, so for those who are newer to our story, it might be worth a read. Read it here.

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