Solly’s Story

IMG_0026On October 9, 2014, at 8am, we were blessed by the birth of our son, Solomon James. His labor had been particularly difficult: after my water broke, contractions immediately went to two minutes apart. Once we got to the hospital, they noticed that his heart rate was dropping and decided to get him out immediately via emergency c-section. Though he was not breathing when he was born, the doctors worked their magic and got him breathing within seconds. We got to meet him later that day.

Two days later, a doctor caring for him noticed that he had rapid eye movement, a sign of seizures. He was immediately transferred to Georgetown University Hospital where doctors discovered that he had suffered three strokes either during or shortly before birth.

Infant stroke is much more common than most people realize, affecting roughly 1 in 4000 newborns. Fortunately, an infant’s brain is much more malleable than an adult’s brain, so many times infants are able to recover and lead healthy and productive lives. We were fortunate that nurses and doctors recognized the signs of Sol’s stroke early on and were able to control the seizures, putting him on the road to recovery. He has been seeing therapists – physical and occupational – since he was just two weeks old. He is making great strides in his recovery and we have faith that his recovery will continue in such a positive direction.

This blog began as a way to keep friends and family updated while Sol was in the NICU. If you’re new to the blog, you can find those posts here and an explanation of his MRI here. I’ve also written a more detailed post on Solly’s story for my friend’s pediatric stroke awareness website, Paisley’s Purpose. On Sol the Man, we are now detailing Solly’s recovery, both to continue to keep our loved ones informed and also to provide hope and comfort to anyone else dealing with infant stroke.


6 thoughts on “Solly’s Story

  1. Kathleen Griffith says:

    Camie and Mike, we read your blog daily. Sometimes a number of times. We feel your highs and your lows. Sol is a strong little guy! God is going to get you thru this. Please know we are all praying for you and Sol the Man. We have him and you two on a number of prayer chains in our area. We love you guys! Love Kathleen and Wade


  2. kentbrown says:

    Hello Came and Mike i’m so glad to hear that Sol has come home to you. God has his hands over Sol.with lots of prayers and love for each other,Sol will continue to make good progress !!


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