Oh Mylanta!

I’m snagging one of our beloved Nanny Jen’s favorite sayings for the title of this post. Any time Solly is being just a little bit crazy, Nanny Jen will say, with much flair and exasperation, “Solly, oh Mylanta!”

To say that the past two weeks have been insanely busy would be an understatement. In the last 14 days, we’ve recovered from colds, done a 3 day Anat Baniel Method intensive, wrapped up our second 40 dive treatment of HBOT, had two hippotherapy, one aquatic therapy, one feeding and one speech therapy appointments, got a new gait trainer, packed up our lives and flew to Los Angeles, started a 3 week intensive at NAPA Center, and had a stem cell infusion.

Whew. We are running on fumes (and lots of coffee).

That being said, all of this craziness has been good craziness, and I’m excited to share with you in more detail a little more about our final days of HBOT, our latest intensive therapy adventure, and stem cells. Right now, I don’t have a ton of brain bandwidth to put all of our recent experiences into words, so until I get to that point, here are a few photos of our lives these past few weeks.

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