NICU Day … Goodbye, NICU!

We are home, we are home! Sol passed his car seat challenge and trending test last night, so doctors agreed that he could come home – without wires or monitors. Mike, Sol’s Aunt Jenny (my sis), and I went to the NICU today at 1:30pm and we were on the road with Sol by 3:30pm. It was a bittersweet day – a bit sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people who helped care for Sol over the past month, but we are SO happy that Sol is healthy and able to be home.

To everyone who have sent words of encouragement, thoughts, and prayers over the past month, THANK YOU so much. Mike and I were able to remain strong for Sol because of your support, and we know that God is listening to prayers and continuing to watch over our little man. Our journey with Sol is just beginning: though it likely won’t happen everyday, I will continue to update the blog with his progress, recovery, and milestones.





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