Getting Into A Routine

We’ve been a little family of three (humans), living under the same roof now for three days.

And it is AWESOME!

Never before would I have thought that waking up to a whimpering baby is so amazing, but, man oh man, am I ever thankful to have Sol here, midnight feedings and all. In the days since he’s been home, we’ve snuggled, worked on tummy time, rolled over from our tummy to our back – all on our own, and have become acquainted with the two pups of the house. We’ve found out that Bentley, our Morkie, is just as laid back around Sol as he was before, but Bella is taking her natural protective nature to a whole new level: wherever Sol is, so is Bella, and she lets us know the minute he starts crying. Funny little pup! Sol has also been crushing each of his feedings, gaining 4 ounces since he left the NICU.

Today, Sol had his first pediatrician appointment, kicking off a string of doctor’s appointments that continue into January. His pediatrician was just lovely: she had us walk her through Sol’s timeline thus far, stopping us a couple of times to make sure we were taking care of ourselves, and then she examined Sol. Other than noting that his left side was weaker than the right, she said he looks great and confirmed that Sol’s upcoming therapy appointments should help strengthen the left side. We have a follow up with her in a week to make sure that Sol is continuing to gain weight (we’re up a total of one pound and ten ounces since birth). Next week’s other appointments include our first outpatient physical and occupational therapies and a follow up with the hematologist.

Here are our favorite photos over the past few days:IMG_1288.JPG





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