NICU Day 30: We Can See Our Face

For the first time in a really long time, Mike and I got to see Sol’s face with no tubes or wires. It was so nice! We took the opportunity to snap an official “1 month” photo of him, since Sunday was his official 1 month birthday.

We got to the NICU to find him hooked up to a portable monitor, a 24 hour test to see if he has apnea and needs to come home with one. We should find out the results on Tuesday and have a better sense of when he can come home.

Snoozin’ in between bottles:

I’m 1 month old!

Look at how big I am:


Eating is tiring stuff:

4 thoughts on “NICU Day 30: We Can See Our Face

  1. christina juris bennett says:

    To me, he looks exactly like you, Camie. He is so sweet and precious. We’ve been praying for him multiple times a day, and I’ve added you guys to our church’s prayer list. Here’s hoping for continued recovery ~


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