NICU Day 25: Stop the Presses

We have a tentative discharge date!

The doctors are liking Sol’s progress so much that they’ve said as long as everything continues this way, he can come home on Monday, November 10th.

A few things to accomplish before then: stay off of oxygen support (it’s been over 48 hours since he’s needed it), continue feeding the majority of his meals via bottle and ideally be eating all of them by bottle by Monday, have an MRI, have one hour of EEGs to make sure there’s no breakthrough seizures, and complete the “car seat challenge” to make sure his oxygen levels stay good while in a car seat.

Whew! A lot to do in just a few days. We’re keeping all fingers, toes, and paws (thanks, Bella & Bentley) crossed that we stick on this path and can bring the little man home next week!

5 thoughts on “NICU Day 25: Stop the Presses

  1. Tana Boerger says:

    Sol looks extraordinary! Everyone in the Sol Camp must be thrilled as are all his peripheral fans! Sol, you come from a very goal-oriented family so no slacking on the workout schedule. You’ve got this, buddy!


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