NICU Day 26: Keep On Truckin’

Another day in the NICU, and luckily it was a good one. After having a dream last night that I arrived to the hospital to find Sol back on oxygen, in reality, I arrived to find him sound asleep in his crib, on room air, with almost perfect oxygen levels. It’s so hard to not to worry that we’ll take some steps back when everything is going as well as it is.

Sol is still on the path for a Monday discharge (knock on wood!). He had a near full bottle for me at 9am and then chowed down a full bottle at 12pm. He was a bit crabby for his OT session at 11:30, but we still got some good stretching and tummy time in. He also had an MRI last night (we’ll likely hear results tomorrow) and was having his final round of EEG this afternoon. We’ll do a “car seat challenge” this weekend to see how his oxygen levels fare while in the car seat. Other than that, our main focus over the next couple of days is to keep on truckin’ with breathing and eating!

(You’ll have to excuse my poor quality photos. Sol’s regular photographer, his Dad, is a little under the weather. I’m hoping the good photos will return this weekend!)

Quality time with Nana:IMG_1218.JPG

Sleeping, cross-legged style:IMG_1221.JPG

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