Two Months Post-SPML

This Sunday will mark two months since we made the difficult decision to have Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening (SPML) surgery. We’ve been hard at work over the past two months, doing some intensive therapy as well as weekly hippotherapy, and, boy, are we seeing some great gains.

For those of you who know Solly personally, you might remember the “old” Solly as a little boy who could not stand or move his legs reciprocally.

This was Solly in April:

Last night, Mike “walked” Solly around the kitchen for a good 20 minutes so Solly could explore, open drawers and cabinets, and see the world from a new height. It was pretty amazing. I was on cloud nine watching Solly move around in ways I never thought would be possible given the level of tightness he had earlier this year.

This is something that we practice every day. We used to try to get Solly in his KidWalk daily before the surgery, but he grew increasingly frustrated in it because he couldn’t move the way he wanted to. Now, he can not only move in it but he enjoys the time he spends walking around in it.

Pretty cool, right?

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