Life Down South

It’s been a busy two months. Crazy busy full of doctor’s appointments, follow ups with specialists, therapy evaluations, regular therapy appointments, and new prescriptions. Oh, and did I mention that we also sold a house, bought a house, and moved a baby, two adults, two puppies and a horse to the South? And celebrated Sol’s first birthday?!  Yep. Crazy busy!

As busy as its been, though, our move to the South has taught us to slow down, stop multitasking our lives, and focus on the important stuff. I’ve decided to put my career on hold and make Solly my sole priority. I’m now able to give all appointments and Sol-moments my full attention rather than try to fit in a call here and a meeting there. It was – and continues to be – a struggle at first as I felt like I’ve lost a major part of my identity, but I’m starting to find myself more relaxed and, most importantly, more appreciative of all the time I get to spend with Sol.

Life hasn’t been easy these last couple of months. There’s been good days and there’s been bad days. The roller coaster of emotion continues. However, we’ve gotten connected to some amazing doctors at Vanderbilt, we’re working with some pretty great therapists, and we’ve gotten some answers and guidance that we previously hadn’t had. I’ll give a full update on the medical and therapy front soon, but for now, here are some pictures of Sol enjoying life down south.

Thank you for following our journey and for your continued thoughts and prayers. We appreciate you!

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