NICU Day 23: “He’s An Overachiever…”

“…Just like his Mom.” Not my words, but those of Michelle, Sol’s Occupational Therapist. I don’t know about being an overachiever, but, man, Sol is a strong little fighter.

During Occupational Therapy today, we watched as Sol learned new things – lifting and turning his head while in tummy time, tucking his chin, shifting his gaze – after being shown what to do only once. Michelle’s words applied to our stellar progress with feeding as well. After Mike fed Sol a 20ml bottle at 9am, the doctors rounded and changed up his orders: he is now not being restricted by volume, but instead is allowed to eat as much of his 60ml bottle as he’d like in 15 minutes. When I fed him at noon, that amount was 45ml. (!!)

Sol also had an evaluation by the developmental pediatrician. She was pleased by his ability to track noise and visuals and noted that his tone looked good. The areas of improvement that she saw was his trunk muscles, his tendency to favor looking to the left, and favoring one side over the other – all things that we knew about and have started to address, thanks to Michelle’s help. The pediatrician wrote a prescription for Sol to see Physical and Occupational Therapists once he’s discharged, and will follow up with him in a few months.

Sol got to end his very busy morning by snuggling with his Papa. Lucky fella!

This little man continues to amaze me every single day. To everyone who has sent prayers, thoughts, and words of encouragement – thank you. It means so much to us that Sol is loved by so many around the world!

Rocking with Dad:

Warmin’ up the noggin:

Snoozin’ with a new teddy (Thanks, Kathie and Aunt Georgeanne!):

Grabbing Mom’s finger:

We call this one “Jeeves”:

Snuggle time with Mom:

Post-lunch time with Papa:

One thought on “NICU Day 23: “He’s An Overachiever…”

  1. Lisa Dietz says:

    You are all so blessed and prayers continue to pour out to you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. He is absolutely precious and I look forward everyday to looking for new pictures and updates. You and Mike are amazing parents!


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