The Importance of Manners

And by the subject of this post, I’m referring to bedside manners.

Last night, after a particularly tearful afternoon and dinner, I made Mike take me back to the hospital so we could read some bedtime stories to Solomon. We got to the NICU to find Sol bundled from head to toe in clothes – a first for him! When we spoke with his nurse, Bridget, we found they were trying to wean him off a bed warmer, something he’d been on since day 1. He’d also received a bath earlier that day, so a few extra blankets were needed to keep him nice and toasty. Once he stabilizes his body temperature, he’ll be able to move to a crib.

We pulled Sol out of his bed, and as we were rocking him, the doctor on duty stopped by to let us know they’d just completed rounds and Sol’s numbers looked great. Mike asked her to clarify the news we’d heard earlier in the day – what the heck were the cysts that were forming on his brain?

The doctor very patiently sketched out a cross-section of a brain and explained that the ultrasound suggested that periventricular cysts were forming within one section of his brain. They are in the area that controls motor skills, but it may be months or even years before we know what impact, if any, they will have. Because an infant’s brain is so plastic (neuroplasticity is my new favorite word), starting work with therapists now is so important in helping his brain reassign motor skills.

The way she described the new findings was so clear without being frightening. There is a potential issue, yes, but we have a plan to work around it.

Whew. That news made me feel so much better. We’re already doing the right thing to help Sol’s brain to develop despite these cysts. We’ve just gotta keep on keepin’ on. Onward we go!




2 thoughts on “The Importance of Manners

  1. Kathie says:

    Camie, Mike and Sol,
    We pray and we pray and we pray for your gorgeous Sol. It will be all be okay.
    Kathie and Georgeanne, and my mom Pat


  2. Georgeanne Griffith says:

    Camie and Mike – I continue to be amazed at the strength and resilience you both show. I know Sol is a combination of you two so I believe he has the same strength and resilience. You are both wonderful parents. Whatever the future brings for all of you, Sol is lucky to have you as parents. Keep thinking the positive thoughts. Know that our prayers, your prayers, and those of all around you will make a difference.

    Aunt Georgeanne


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