NICU Day 8

Today was a good day.

Sol’s head ultrasound confirmed that the swelling in his brain is continuing to subside. All of his blood labs are coming back as normal. His feeds are increasing from 30ml every 4 hours to 40ml every 4 hours, and if he takes the increase well, on Monday they will begin feeding him every 3 hours and will take him off the TPN IV that is now providing him with extra nutrients.

Early this upcoming week, he will be evaluated by physical therapy and speech therapy teams. His physical therapy team will work with us on a plan to maximize his mobility – he is already quite wiggly! Speech will be looking at his ability to swallow, which will be super important in his progress to move away from IV feedings to bottle feedings. He’ll continue to have head ultrasounds every other day to monitor brain swelling, and then on Monday, they’ll do another EEG to monitor his brain activity.

Most importantly, Mike and I both got to hold him and read to him for a good 2 hours today. The extra bonus was when he opened his eyes (something we haven’t seem much this week) and looked right at Mike. These little steps are huge in terms of him coming home with us. We hope this good juju will carry into this week!







4 thoughts on “NICU Day 8

  1. Linda Braucher says:

    Cami & Mike
    Thank you for the update. We continue to pray for baby Sol daily. Each day and each new development is very encouraging and uplifting. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and we know that God is watching over all of you.


  2. Lee Willmore says:

    Camie and Mike, miracles aren’t just occurrences we read about in the bible—–they continue to happen even today. God hears all the prayers being lifted up for Sol and for you two. Great things can still come about..


  3. Jodie Harney says:

    Dear Camie & Mike, 26 years ago my nephew was born, he suffered multiple seizures a day & had brain swelling. Today he is a healthy young man who has led a normal life with no sign of his stressful beginning. So hold on tight to your hope & know countless people are praying for Sol the Man! Jodie Harney


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