This Special Life

This is the year of change.

On the most positive note, at the end of January, we added baby Beatrix to our family. After nine long, anxiety-filled months of endless monitoring and doctors appointments, she came into the world by a scheduled cesearean, screaming at the top of her lungs to announce her arrival. We couldn’t have been happier to hear the cries of a very healthy baby who is as perfect as her big brother. Solly loves Bea and is always fascinated by her toes, her fuzzy head, and whatever she’s doing. I can’t wait to watch these two grow up together.

On a more frustrating note, while Solly continues to improve and defy his given prognosis, his advancements in physical therapy and gross motor skills have seemingly ground to a halt. His sitting and quad positions have improved in strength quite a bit, however, his legs have grown stiffer despite increased medications, fancy ankle-foot orthotics, and following all doctors orders. This makes it hard for us to help him through transitions and makes it impossible for him to practice walking, even in his gait trainer.

So, as Bea came bouncing into the world, we decided that we needed to try something(s) different in 2017 – hence, the year of change. We are going to focus on alternative therapies and procedures and consult with new doctors and practitioners to help our Solly continue to break out of the cocoon that cerebral palsy has encased him in. We’ve already gotten started in our new direction, and I hope to document these new activities here as well as our thoughts along the way for anyone who’s following our journey. There are likely to be more ups and downs this year, but moving in a new direction instills in us a new sense of hope for Sol the Man.

Solly meets Bea with the help of Nana and Papa

Solly, Bea, and Mama

Working on that sitting stuff – note posture and holding on with two hands!

Our sweet Bea

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