Update on the Eyes

We’re in between two very important appointments that focus on Solly’s vision. The first, a check in with our pediatric ophthalmologist, was yesterday afternoon, and that appointment brought us both really good news and then news that was, as the French would say, comme ci comme ça.

The good news – the really good news – is that Sol’s eyes are perfect. Healthy and normal, meaning they can see. And, boy, was he a trooper to go through the eye exam to determine this. Eye drops for dilation and then lights shinning into his eyes for more than a comfortable few seconds.

The news that is more eh than anything else is that we don’t know what’s causing him to gaze to the left. Our ophthalmologist has a hunch that it could be Cortical Visual Impairment or CVI. This refers to an impairment in how the brain processes the image that is sent over from the eyes. An impairment might be field cut vision, meaning that he has trouble seeing things on one side, or he could have a preference for certain objects. Our doctor is referring us to a specialist for an assessment to see if CVI could be the culprit. The positive note here is that with early intervention, vision with CVI can drastically improve. (Hey, neuroplasticity!) The other positive note is that the doctor suggested we get in touch with a vision therapist to begin treatment as early as possible. Good thing we already have that on the calendar for next week!

After our appointment, I posted our scenario in the CHASA Facebook Group (a place for Mom’s of pediatric stroke survivors – an awesome resource for Mamas like me!) to see if any other babies had a similar eye gaze to Sol’s. We’re not alone! I found that some causes of the gaze were linked to CVI while another was linked to small optic nerves and others were without cause and babies simply grew out of it. The bottom-line is that all of those babies’ vision improved drastically in the first year.

The progress that we’ve made so far with Sol’s vision in PT and OT along with some of the milestones he’s reached tells me (and my gut) that he can see to some extent and we’ll need to keep working to get those eyes to the midline. More to come. Onward and upward!

6 thoughts on “Update on the Eyes

  1. Jim Griffith says:

    Great post – better news!

    Thank God for Google, so we non-French speakers can translate your idioms.

    Love you


    Sent from my iPad



    • Camie says:

      Sorry, Dad, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it and the French have a way with words. At least you know i retained something in college, right? 🙂


      • Kathleen Griffith says:

        Thanks for the update. We will will continue to pray for positive news about Sol’s eyes. We are also proud of you and Mike how strong you both are and what great parents you are. As your Uncle Wade says ” you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.Love Kathleen and Wade


      • Camie says:

        Thanks, Kathleen. Saturday was a particularly hard day for me (no reason for it – just one of those days!), so your – and Uncle Wade’s – words of encouragement came at the perfect time.


  2. shelley and bob rogers says:

    Hi Cami! this is Shelley Rogers- First of all congratulations on a beautiful son! i have been following your blog for some time. Bob and I have prayed for Sol and are so happy things are improving all the time for him. We will continue to do so and will enjoy meeting this blessing if you are ever in our area to visit!! Love you all! Shelley


    • Camie says:

      Hi Shelley! It’s so nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for keeping up with the blog and sending prayers for us. Much love, Camie


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