Sunshine and Milestones

This post is a fun one!

Over the holidays, Mike, Sol, and I took a plane down south to meet my family and enjoyed 10 days of sunshine and 80 degree weather. We flew into Puerto Rico and spent a couple of days there before flying to the British Virgin Islands for a weeklong cruise on a catamaran. We had an amazing time: Sol got to meet all of his cousins, get rocked to sleep on a boat, and hang out in just his diaper, all day long. He got loved on almost 24 hours a day. It was so nice to get away from all of our doctor’s and therapy appointments for a week. I felt like, for the first time, we could really just enjoy spending time with our son.

What was most exciting for us were all the “firsts” for Sol – not just lifetime firsts, but some pretty big milestones, too!

Lifetime firsts:

  • First time on an airplane. (He really is a champion traveler!)
  • First time on a boat.

Major milestones:

  • First smile (!!)
  • Found and started looking at his left hand
  • Found and started sucking on both hands, including thumbs
  • Started cooing and talking
  • Starting to hold toys, with both hands

Family photo, with Sol looking for his fist


First smile


Sol & Daddy, loving the ocean breeze


The cool kids (Sol & his Papa)

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