NICU Day 15: “He’s good!”

These were the words of the rounding doctor this morning: “He’s good!” No updates overnight – Sol’s on a good path right now. The doctor said they would touch base with neurology on Monday morning to see if we can take his Phenobarb levels down another notch, which means we’ll see even more activity from Sol. He also kept his body temps in a normal range overnight, so while we were visiting, he was moved to a regular crib without heat support.

Mike and I found that we had a very active baby when we arrived. He stayed awake for over two hours! We spent a little time doing his OT exercises and then over an hour working with the pacifier. Sol liked his pacifier so much today that he continued to suck on it while Mike read “Go Dog, Go” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” and he even tracked for it twice when I offered it to him with a little milk.

All in all, a very, very good day here in the NICU. I liked the wide awake baby that we saw today and am anxious for him to start working with Melissa again tomorrow on feeding.






5 thoughts on “NICU Day 15: “He’s good!”

  1. Jodie Harney says:

    Go Sol Go! We are rooting for you. Camie thanks for sharing Keith & I follow Sol’s progress & keep you all in our thoughts & prayers! Jodie & Keith


  2. Emily Murphy Troncoso says:

    Dear Mike, Camie, and Baby Sol – So, so happy to see the adorable pictures of Sol following along to those wonderful books! We pray every day that Sol gets stronger and stronger. It looks like he’s been a total champ so far! Thinking of all of you always! If you need anything any time at the hospital, we are right around the corner and happy to provide anything – food, books, or hugs. Keep on trucking, Sol! Stephen and Emily Troncoso


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