Our Stem Cell Therapy Experience

I’ve struggled with this post. I’ve debated on how much medical detail I should go into on a topic that I truly don’t know that much about. I also worried about sharing too much because, as I’ve learned by participating in support groups on Facebook, stem cell therapy is still very much in a research phase and, as such, it is a polarizing topic. However, because we did our own research and have had wonderful results with our first round of stem cell therapy, it’s important to share our experience. Here it is.

I never thought stem cell therapy would be an option for Sol. When I was pregnant with him, we didn’t make the necessary arrangements ahead of time to bank his cord blood. Honestly, we had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, so there didn’t seem to be a need for it.

After Solly was born and we started seeking out less traditional treatments, I kept hearing about stem cells, not entirely knowing how it worked. When I found that an ongoing clinical trial at Duke University was only for children with cerebral palsy using stem cells from their own cord blood (here are some of the results from that trial), I put the entire idea on the back burner. Around the time that I was pregnant with Bea, I heard whispers that Duke’s next stem cell study for cerebral palsy would be testing sibling cord blood, so we arranged to bank Bea’s cord blood so we would be prepared when this treatment was available to us.

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