Giggles Abound!

Two nights ago, Mike and I were undressing Sol for his bath, and we heard it. Sol’s first giggle. He loves getting naked and always gives us a monster grin when we undress him, but the extra giggle, it just made our day. We’ve had a few more since then, usually while undressing or tickling him, and let me tell you – it is the most awesome sound ever!

Over the past two weeks, we’ve had a packed schedule. Five therapy sessions and three doctor’s appointments (one for me) made for a very tired Sol and Mama. In addition to his appointment with the vision specialist, Sol had a follow up with hematology. They had to draw blood to check his protein c and s levels to make sure that his stroke wasn’t caused by a clotting disorder. We should hear the results within the next couple of weeks, but I’m hopeful that we can cross hematology off our list of follow ups within the next few months.

We’ve got quite a few appointments next week – Physical Therapy – twice!, Occupational Therapy, a planning meeting for Vision Therapy, and his four-month check up at his pediatrician (including shots, ouch!). For now, we’re going to enjoy a weekend where the quiet is interrupted only by smiles and giggles.

Working that tummy time:

Boy & dog:

Sleepy time:

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