Some Arizona Sun

After last week’s crazy string of doctor’s appointments, Sol and I jet-setted off to Arizona for a few days of warm sunshine with Sol’s Nana and Papa. It was just what we needed: 5 days of naps, sunny walks, and playtime. Sol even got to meet more of his extended family – his great Aunts!

As usual, with a warmer climate, Sol’s brain began to make more connections. We saw him start talking (“coo”, “goo”, and “ahh”) more, reach out with his hands, finding himself in a mirror, and starting to roll over from his back to his stomach – he didn’t make it all the way, just to his side, but he’s *this close* to rolling all the way over. Maybe all of these new connections are a sign that we need to relocate somewhere with more sunshine!

Sol & his great Aunt, Georgeanne:

Sol, Aunt Kathie, and his Papa, out for a walk:
Sol, chatting with his Nana and Aunt Kathie:

Sol, mid nap, after rolling from his back to his side:
IMG_1675On the airplane!


One thought on “Some Arizona Sun

  1. Kathie says:

    G and I so enjoyed our visit with you, your mom and dad, and especially Solly. He is such a happy, well-adjusted baby. His personality and charisma are so developed for such a little man. We fell in love with him and look forward to seeing you, Mike and Sol in the future. Thank you for sharing your remarkable little miracle – definitely the highlight of my winter.


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