An Update: 2 Months!

Sol celebrated his 2 month birthday this past week. Can you believe it? 2 months?! Part of me feels like it’s flown by while another part of me can’t remember what life was like without him.

On December 11th, we also celebrated Sol being home from the NICU for one whole month. And what a month it’s been: we’ve had visits from Aunt Jenny, Sol’s Nana and Papa, and Sol’s Bebe, Gramps, and Aunt Jenn; we had our first Thanksgiving dinner and decorated our first Christmas tree; and we’ve started our outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapies. We’ve also had follow ups with Neurology, Hematology, and Neonatalogy, as well as 3 regular check ups with our pediatrician, including our 2 month shots (ouch!). All the doctors and therapists seems to agree – Sol is doing great. No sign of seizures, he’s growing (adding 4 pounds on to his birth weight, 3 of which were gained after the NICU), and he has symmetrical strength in his right and left sides.

After I had a couple of days where I was feeling pretty sorry for Sol and over-worrying about our future, I took him to his neurologist for a check up. She was so thrilled with his progress, noting a lack of asymmetry between right and left sides and strength in tummy time. She turned to me and said, “You know, with his injuries, he should be paralyzed on one side, but you know, he doesn’t seem to favor one side over the other. His brain is already rewiring itself!” I immediately stopped feeling sorry for anyone – and stopped worrying, thanked God for all the answered prayers, and really started to enjoy my time with Sol. He’s an amazing kid and I’m so proud to be his Mama.





IMG_1407 IMG_1421

2 thoughts on “An Update: 2 Months!

  1. Pam Griffith says:

    He is indeed an amazing little fella! God has answered prayers offered up for Sollie from all around the world. He is a lucky boy to have such devoted, loving parents. Camie and Mike, you make me so proud. And, Sollie you melt my heart! I know God has special plans for you. You are a miracle. Love you, Nana


    • Kathleen Griffith says:

      Thanks for the update. We check your blog daily. Tell Sol that when his Uncle Wade gets to meet him he wants to arm wrestle left handed . And he expects Sol to beat him. 🙂
      We are so happy for all the good news! Love Wade and Kathleen


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